meet the makers grand fromage

The charcuterie in our shop is made locally for us by Freeland Market, an amazing family run business in Pottstown. We are proud to have them as one of our suppliers!

sulmi charcuterie The Grand Fromage Skippack

Freeland market is a family-run business.  Owners Elise LeBoutillier, Bernard Moscia and Joshua Davis were all raised and worked in their family businesses.

Ben a stone mason has given up the trowel for a knife.  Elise a Merchandise manager in the Garden industry has given up plants and Christmas decorations for sausage, salumi and charcuterie.  Joshua who worked many things in the garden industry now finds food to be more of his liking.  Trained by the best at the Culinary Institute of America, Joshua will only allow the best to be placed in our showcase or packaged for on the road markets.