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We carry a wide selection of cheeses from around the area and around the world. With over 100 cheeses to choose from, you can be sure to find something to match your taste buds here!
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Danablu cheese The Grand Fromage Skippack


One of over 20 blue cheeses we have in stock at a time, Danablu is a strong, blue-veined cheese made from full fat cow’s milk and homogenized cream.

Before aging, copper wires or rods are used to pierce the formed curds to distribute the mold evenly throughout the cheese.

Similar in style to a Roquefort cheese, Danablu has a milder flavour characterized by a sharp, salty taste, and is often served crumbled on salads or as a dessert cheese with fruit.

mimolette cheese The Grand Fromage Skippack

Mimolette extra-vieille

This aged cow’s milk cheese from France looks like a cantaloupe (both inside and out).

The outer appearance is the work of tiny cheese mites intentionally introduced to add flavour by their action on the surface of the cheese, meanwhile the striking orange color of the cheese itself is the result of the use of annatto (seeds of a South American shrub) during production.

The flavours  is nutty and salty with notes of caramel. Mimolette Extra-Vieille pairs extremely well with either dessert wines or reds such as Merlot or Pinot Noir.

saint angel cheese The Grand Fromage Skippack

Saint Angel

This luxurious triple-crème from France has a fluffy white delicate rind and a smooth paste with the texture of whipped butter.

It’s flavour is creamy and buttery with a hint of earth and mushroom and a slight tang near the rind.

It is firm enough to cut and handle yet melts nicely in your mouth.

Enjoy this French beauty with champagne or your favorite crisp, white wine.

It’s very, very rich.

p'tit basque cheese The Grand Fromage Skippack

P’tit Basque

This French sheep’s milk cheese is produced in in the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains. This cheese is made following the traditions of the cheese handmade by shepherds from left over curds set aside from milking their ewes.

P’tit Basque is a medium-firm cheese with a slightly pungent aroma, yet a mild, nutty flavour, with some slightly fruity notes.

A versatile cheese that works well on a platter with cured meats, as a simple snack with fruit,  or alongside grilled vegetables.

Pairs well with most red wines.

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The cheese menu is an overview of all the cheeses we carry. To ensure we are always providing the freshest cheeses we cannot guarantee all to be in stock. Give us a call if there is a particular cheese you are interested in or just come in and taste some cheese with us! (610) 584-5400