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Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Plate

Our selection of charcuterie includes an assortment from the local family operated Freeland Market as well as choice selections from around the world.

Our Charcuterie Selection includes...

sulmi charcuterie The Grand Fromage Skippack

Dried Cured Salumi

Dried cured salumi from Freeland markets. Salumi are Italian cured meat products and are predominantly made from pork. The term comes from the Italian word salume, meaning salted meat. Our selection includes Diablo, Spanish Chorizo, Tuscan Herb and many more!

smoked sausage charcuterie The Grand Fromage Skippack

Smoked Sausage

Our smoked sausage meats also come from Freeland market. It is their continued commitment to produce only the finest quality smoked meats. They cook and smoke meat products in house, the old fashioned way for the best quality and flavour. Our line of smoked sausage include Bacon-Jalapeno, Hungarian, Chorizo and more!

pate charcuterie The Grand Fromage Skippack


Our range of Pâté from Freeland market changes with the seasons – from duck with blood orange and cherry, to lamb or country pâté, you’re sure to find something just right.

assorted charcuterie Grand Fromage

Assorted Charcuterie

Our other assorted charcuterie include; ‘Nduja spicy prosciutto spread, wild smoked salmon, salmon pâté spread and more!