Accompaniments The Grand Fromage Skippack

To complete that evening of entertaining we have everything you need to go along with your cheese and charcuterie.

Fresh bread from Bakers on Broad on weekends, Tea and organic fair trade coffee roasted locally in Audubon from Valerio, plus a wide selection within each of the below categories.

Local & International Gourmet Products

Accompaniments Crackers The Grand Fromage Skippack


Who doesn’t like crackers with their cheese? We always carry a wide selection of crackers to go with any cheese, or just to snack on their own. Mario Fongo’s rustic bread sticks and La Panzanella croccantini are a couple of our most popular

Accompaniments Spreads skippack The Grand Fromage Skippack


With a wide selection of mustards, tapenades, and preserves, our selection of spreads now includes locally made products from Small Batch Kitchen as well! These are a fantastic accompaniment to our cheese with some fantastic new flavors all made with local ingredients (Cherry bourbon chipotle is one of our favorites!).

Accompaniments Olive Oil The Grand Fromage Skippack

Land of Olive Oil

The Grand Fromage is now the exclusive outlet for Land of Olive Oil products. There is no limit to the ideas of how to use these imported oils and vinegars. Drizzle some blueberry balsamic over a creamy Brie, or some smoked balsamic over a grilled salmon filet. Replace the oil in brownies with chipotle or jalapeno oil for brownies with a real kick. Drizzle your favorite balsamic over fresh fruit or over ice cream. Mix together your favorite combination of oil and vinegar for a salad dressing or simply for dipping with a nice, crusty bread.

Accompaniments Honey skippack The Grand Fromage Skippack


All of our honey is locally produced. Not only does honey match well with cheese, eating local honey can be a good natural treatment for allergies. Try the flavored cream honeys or turn your cheese plate up a notch with a piece of whole honeycomb!

Accompaniments Chocolates The Grand Fromage Skippack


What evening of entertaining is complete without some chocolate? Along with our international chocolate favorites we now carry a selection of Asher’s chocolates – One more family owned business we are proud to support.

Accompaniments Housewares The Grand Fromage Skippack


Whether it is in the preparation or in the presentation we have a number of housewares to go along with all that fine food! Our range includes cheese planes, cheese knives, graters, handcrafted Richard Allan cutting/serving boards and handcrafted Barb Curmaci aprons.