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Bethmale Goat
A goat’s milk tomme from France with a rustic, natural orange rind.
Supple texture and sweet flavor with a light bite and fruity finish.
A great starter goat for the non-goat person.

Piave Vecchio
A hard, nutty cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto region of Italy.
Sweet, fruity flavor with some sharpness. Our customers love this cheese.

Emmi Gruyre (Switzerland)
Aged in natural caves northeast of Lake Geneva.
Smooth with rich flavor and hints of apples and pears.

A Gouda-style, double-cream cow’s milk cheese from Holland.
Creamy, buttery taste and semi-soft texture.

Raschera dop (Italy)
Made in Sicily with cow, sheep, and goat milk.
Delicate with sweetness from the buttermilk.

Quadrello Di Bufala (Italy)
Soft, creamy, washed-rind cheese like Taleggio but with a less intense odor.
Made with water buffalo milk.
One of our most elegant cheeses.

Wenslydale w/ Apricots (England)
Semi-soft, slightly crumbly and creamy.
Wonderful as a dessert cheese or on top of salads.

Vampire Slayer (USA)
From Calkins Creamery in the Upper Delaware River Valley, PA.
Stirred-curd Cheddar hand-mixed with garlic, onion, ginger, paprika….Yikes!!

Montbriac RocheBaron (France)
Made by combining blue mold with a soft, creamy French cheese.
Ash-covered rind; complex flavor without being too sharp or aggressive.
Dynamite on the cheese plate.

Humboldt Fog (USA)
Creamy, subtle, tangy flavor.
Surface ripened with vegetable ash through the center.
Serve with honey, fruit and mushrooms.

Leonora (Spain)
From the hills northwest of Madrid.
Soft, cakey texture with bright grass and lemon flavors.

Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar (USA)
3-year aged cheddar from Goot Essa in central Pennsylvania.
Creamy, rich cheddar with subtle sweetness and lingering sharpness

Smoke Signal (USA)
Young Gouda cold-smoked to perfection using Pocono and Catskill applewood.
Buttery, rich, and tastes like BACON!

Bonne Buche (USA)
Ash-ripened, artisanal goat cheese from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery.
Mild, fresh flavor, smooth and creamy texture.
Notes of fresh flowers, citrus, and hazelnuts.

Daru (Ireland)
Semi-hard cheese made by the Maher family in the heart of Tipperary.
Matured for 9 months, it has a natural mottled-mold rind and a soft, sweet, and earthy flavor.

Cowtipper (USA)
Made in Honesdale, PA by Calkins Creamery.
Curds are soaked with Yuengling, then the rind is washed weekly with the porter.

Manchego El Trigal Reserve (Spain)
Semi-hard, nutty, sweet, tangy.
Excellent for grating.
Serve with roasted peppers and rustic bread.

Mimolette Vielle (France)
Firm texture with a caramelized, nutty, rich flavor and slightly tangy finish.
Dyed with annatto seed and aged for at least 2 years.

Sottocenere (Italy)
Semi-soft, supple, and aromatic cheese made in Veneto, Italy.
Covered in ash, herbs, and spices: cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, fennel, licorice, coriander
Studded with truffles, rubbed with truffle oil.

Roaring 40’s Blue (Australia)
Made on King Island, this is a full-bodied cheese.
Has a honeyed, slightly nutty quality, smooth and creamy texture.

P’Tit Basque (France)
Produced in the Pyrenees Mountains bordering Spain.
Made with raw sheep’s milk, it has a semi-soft, mild flavor.

Landaff (USA)
Raw, semi-firm cow’s milk cheese made in New Hampshire.
Mild with a cave-aged rind.
Tangy yet clean flavor.

Cremont (USA)
Soft cheese produced by the Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery.
Made with a combination of local fresh cow’s milk, goats’ milk & Vermont cream.
Nutty, smooth, and aged, with a wrinkled rind.

Petit Camembert Calvados (France)
A wonderful combination of two of Normandy’s largest exports.
Paste is plump and golden yellow, rind is creamy white.

Pont L’Évêque (France)
Made on the coast of Normandy, it is aged 45 days and dates back to the thirteenth century.
Rich and soft, with a supple yet firm consistency and a strong, pungent aroma.
A great introduction to washed-rind cheeses.

Dubliner w/Irish Stout (Ireland)
Sweet, nutty, rich cheddar-like cheese.
It is perfectly mixed with the malty, caramel, bitter flavor of Irish Stout.

Vintage Irish Cheddar (Ireland)
Traditional aged Irish cheddar with a crisp, clean flavor and some sharpness.
Hint of fruit and caramel.

Buure Weichkasli Camembert (Switzerland)
Small but bold, this runny button is ideal for spreading on fresh baked bread.
Creamy and flavorful - looks great on a cheese plate.

Point Reyes Toma (USA)
Semi-firm, farmstead cheese from California that is aged for at least 90 days.
Natural rind, creamy texture, buttery flavor, and a grassy, tangy finish.
Another Grand Fromage winner.

Tilst (Austria)
Medium-firm texture with irregular holes.
Try serving with brown breads; it is traditionally served thinly sliced for breakfast.

Red Leicester (England)
Mellow and faint lemony flavor, semi-hard texture, and distinct nuttiness.
It’s fun to say ‘Lester’!

Vella Dry Jack (USA)
Made in California, this Monterey Jack is aged for 7 months longer than the fresh version.
Firm, pale yellow with a sweet nutty flavor and it has cocoa & black pepper rubbed on the outside!

Cahill Porter (Ireland)
A rich cheddar made in Limerick that is flavored with porter ale.
Has a nutty & fruity taste with a pleasant finish.
You must like this cheese.

Casatica di Bufala (Italy)
A soft-ripened, bloomy, buffalo milk cheese from the Lambardia region of Italy.
Creamy and delicate with a sweet flavor - it wins over buffalo doubters.

Brunet (Italy)
Soft-ripen cheese from northern Italy.
Thin, bloomy rind with a supple ivory paste.
Tangy finish balances the creamy interior…Wow!

Gran Queso (USA)
Manchego-stlye cheese made by Roth Kase Cellars in Wisconsin.
Sharp, nutty flavor, with a sweet, mellow finish.
The rind is rubbed with cinnamon.

Tomme Crayeuse (France)
Semi-soft, from the Savoie region of France.
Rustic yet elegant: it has earned a place in the Grand Fromage’s Hall of Fame.

Der Alpen Kase
Made by our friends Goot Essa in central Pennslanvania.
A pungent, cave aged German-Swiss-Gruyère-Comté inspired cheese.
Robust, earthy and nutty.

Taleggio Caravaggio (Italy)
Washed-rind cheese that is moist and tangy with a fruity finish.
Everyone needs to try this cheese.

Cotswold (England)
A rich, buttery Double Gloucester with chive and onion.
A no-brainer to pair with Porter and Pretzels.

Shropshire Blue (England)
Texture is creamy and firm, yet also crumbly.
Has a sharper flavor than Stilton.
Add this one to a cheese platter for some pizzazz.

Blueberry Stilton
A firm dessert cheese with a combination of fresh mild stilton and whole blueberries.
Serve on crackers or ginger cookies for a delectable after-dinner treat.

Smoked Gouda (Holland)
Smoked over hickory chip embers.
Hard, smooth, and creamy.
Can you say IPA?

Saint Angel (France)
Triple cream cheese with a thin, white, delicate rind and creamy texture.
New to the Grand Fromage and we love it.

Champignon (Germany)
Double cream brie with mushrooms.
A cheese that deserves more attention.
Achtung baby!

Beemster xo
Aged 26 months; smooth yet crumbly, creamy yet hard, salty and sweet!
One of our best selling cheeses.

Istara Chistou (France)
Semi-firm cheese from the Basque region.
Made with 50/50 blend of cow & sheep milk.
Flavor is tender with fruity nuances - smooth and pleasing.

Grana Padano (Italy)
A younger version of Parmigiano Reggiano; it is milder and less nutty but still flavorful.
Hard texture, great for grating and for eating straight.

Lamb Chopper (Holland)
Sheep’s milk Gouda with a light and fruity aroma.
Sweet, smooth, buttery organic cheese

Quickes Farmhouse Cheddar (England)
Handmade cheese from the Devon countryside.
It is wrapped in muslin and slowly aged to produce a unique and complex flavor.
Our sharpest cheddar.

Old German Weissa Kase (USA)
Amish-made cheese from Goot Essa in central Pennsylvania.
Mild, white German cheese that is creamy and rich.
What a goot Cheese!

T&T Stilton (England)
English Blue Stilton that melts and crumbles easily.
Grab yourself a ruby port and a fireplace.

Provolone Piccante (Italy)
Aged 10 months for a sharp and robust flavor.
Will pass the “It needs to be really sharp” test.

Fourme D’ Ambert (France)
Creamy and mild flavor, slightly nutty finish.
Try with sweet Sauternes as a dessert course, or as a light meal accompanying a salad and a slice of crusty bread.

Roomano (Holland)
Skimmed cow’s milk Gouda that is aged up to six years.
Flavor has intense caramel and butterscotch notes.

Tomme de Savoie
Classic French cheese that is semi-firm and nutty.

Pastured Paulin (USA)
Made in the Upper Delaware River Valley, PA.
A cave-aged version of a Trappist Monk recipe from France, differing in age but not complexity.

T&T Cheddar Claret (England)
A combination of French wine and English cheddar.
Sharp and creamy with a distinctive wine flavor.

Ubriacone (Italy)
Raw cow’s milk cheese that is first bathed in a mixture of local Clinton & Roboso wine.
It is later pierced to allow the wine flavor to permeate the cheese.

God’s Country Aged Cheddar (USA)
Hand-made artisan cheese aged 17 months from Potter County, PA.
Mild yet flavorful.

Boondocks Cheddar (USA)
Hand-made artisan cheddar from Potter County, PA.
Made with raw cow’s milk for a flavor that is rich and earthy.
Mild yet complex.

Blu del Moncenisio (Itlay)
Full-flavored cow’s milk blue cheese from the Piedmont region in northern Italy.
Pungent, peppery, and luscious flavor.

Tete-de-Moine (Switzerland)
Tête-de-Moine is a firm, milky Swiss cow’s milk cheese with an exceptionally strong, nutty flavor.
The name means “Monks Head”.

Quebec Vintage Cheddar (Canada)
Traditional aged Canadian cheddar.
Crisp, clean flavor with sharpness and a hint of fruit and caramel.

Swiss Emmentaler (Switzlerland)
Firm-textured cheese that is great for melting, similar to Swiss.
Highly aromatic and milky.

Purple Moon Cheddar (USA)
Young artisan cheddar soaked in California North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon.
Made in Modest, CA by Fiscalini Farms.

Haystack Mountain Buttercup (USA)
Artisanal blend of cow & goat milk produced in Colorado.
Fresh with a subtle & pleasant finish.
Buttery and savory at the same time!

Comté (France)
Semi-hard cheese that is aged 8-12 months.
Complex, nutty, caramel flavor.

Limburger (Germany)
A washed rind, cow’s milk cheese originating from Belgium.
Has a strong and aggressive flavor.

Quadello Di Bufala (Italy)
Soft, creamy, washed-rind cheese like Taleggio but with a less intense odor.
Made with water buffalo milk, giving it a gentle and sweet flavor.

Castelrosso (Italy)
A crumbly, mild, and buttery cheese from the Piemonte region.
Pairs well with honey, pears, and medium red wines.
Some bluing will occur with aging.

Moringhelo Di Bufala (Italy)
Creamy, slightly intense and spicy.
Pairs well with full-bodied reds.

Sheep Nevat (Spain)
Soft-ripened cheese from Catalonia.
Bloomy white rind, semi-soft texture.
Delicate and sweet flavor with a slight tang.

Wenslydale with Mango (England)
A blend of white stilton, mango, and ginger.

Purple Haze (USA)
Goat’s milk cheese made by Cypress Grove in Arcata, California.
Lush and fluffy chèvre, sprinkled with purple buds of lavender and fennel pollen.
Rich, floral, and piquant.

Lou Bergier Pichin (Italy)
60-day aged raw milk Toma produced with the thistle flower that grows wild on the mountainside.
Delicate aroma with full-flavored creaminess.

Montchevre Cabrie (USA)
Soft-ripened goat brie that is made in Wisconsin.
Mild, creamy, delicate flavor.

Cashel Blue (Ireland)
Made on a single farm in Tipperary, Ireland.
Handmade, semi-soft cheese with a strong, mature flavor.
Ireland’s original artisanal blue.

Baita Friuli (Italy)
Firm-textured cow’s milk cheese, aged for about 5 months.
Rich, fruity, and spicy; flavor is reminiscent of Swiss Gruyere.
Wonderful served with pears or shaved over salads.

Alta Badia (Italy)
Mountain cheese with savory flavors and aromas.
Nutty and earthy without being either overpowering or too rustic.

Bra Tenero (Italy)
Firm, 45-day aged cheese from the Piedmont region of northern Italy.
Dense, slightly piquant flavor.
Pairs well with Cabernet or hearty Italian reds.

3-Month Manchego (Spain)
Younger version of the firm Spanish cheese, with a nutty, fresh flavor.
Has a less-dry texture and softer flavor than the aged version.

Locatelli Romano (Italy)
Romano is excellent for grating: perfect used alone or in combination with Parmesan.
Very sharp cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Formaggio Asiago d.o.p. (Italy)
Young Asiago made with whole cow’s milk.
Delicate and sweet; pairs well with lagers and coffee.


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